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Kaizer pursues

continuous improvement

About Us

Our Mission is simple: To create an environment of belonging and opportunities to thrive by providing tailored residential care services to children and young people. 


Since 2020, Kaizer Community has offered home care services, stretching from Logan area to Far North Queensland. We provide a Residential care program to assist Children/ Young People in all areas of their development. Our goal is to build a community and connection with kin so Children/ Young People have a sense of belonging and people in their lives after our care.

We believe high standards of care we must first result in supporting and developing our Kaizer Community team. We build a learning culture by providing all staff with professional development opportunities including supervision and targeted training. We ensure the cultural backgrounds and needs of our team are well understood so we are able to position cultural competence as a cornerstone of our work.

If you want to join the team, click the link below.

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